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In the world of health and nutrition it is confusing and often difficult to separate the fact from fiction.  As a health professional and mother I too struggle to find accurate and pertinent information to navigate through the media jungle on this subject. EatRightandLive is an on-line tool to help you make sense of the health information overload. Sign up today for the FREE weekly newsletter titled *EatRightandLive**. *We will be offering free tips on *health and nutrition* that are easy and manageable, low cost healthy menus that you can make and that taste good. We will offer simple suggestions for you to live a healthier life. During my years as a specialist and consultant for WIC and Headstart, I learned about and saw the nutrition problems firsthand surrounding our children and families.

The Childhood obesity epidemic is literally killing our children. My heart broke as a met a beautiful little boy who's single mom had no idea what to do as her 5 year old baby weighed in at over 120lbs.  I know it is easier to give our children something fast and convenient, but how can we manage our time, our budgets and our families need for proper health and nutrition? I saw the problem starts even before school age. 

Breastfed babies are healthier babies, healthier children and healthier adults. I will be offering help and support on *breastfeeding* and the importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy and  while breastfeeding. 

Adults are not exempt either.  We are fast becoming a society of unhealthy, overweight adults. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has recently came up with a new name "Diabesity" the problem of obesity and diabetes. This disease is not only killing our parents and grandparents, it is killing our children too. It is also my goal that many of you moms (dads too) will come along with me on a journey of *wellness *(including diet and exercise), we can do this! We can make healthier families starting with our own! Experience the joys of an active, healthy family and join me as my family and I take the plunge as well. We will be adding *resources and links* as we find them to help you with this journey.

Corporations and companies will also benefit as we can develop a wellness program for your employee's and their families.  Employee Wellness Planning

 for companies can assist your employees in living healthier lives. This in turn makes more productive employees with fewer sick days and disabilities (for children too). Lastly, we will recommend *supplements* and articles on supplements that will help you make informed decisions on what you take and give to your families. So get up, come on, it is time to EatRightandLive!

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